certified translations
If you are coming to the US and need your legal documents - birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, diploma or academic transcript - translated and certified for acceptance by the US immigration authorities or an educational institution, we can provide official translations in time to meet your deadline requirements. Our translations come with a notarized statement by the translator certifying its accuracy, therefore our translations have been accepted by the US immigration services (USCIS) and all other official institutions. We can also provide you with copies of these officially translated documents in case you'll need them again in the future.

express service
When you need it done now, we can virtually jump into the future by using the time zone difference to our advantage and complete your project instantaneously. You will have your document translated and delivered to your door (or computer) within 24 hours.


It is very fast and convenient
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translations in any field
If you are expanding your business to foreign markets, we can help you communicate with your new partners or clients in a meaningful, culturally appropriate way. Our native-language translators have also specialized in your field of interest. We translate:
-------- technical manuals and patents
-------- medical literature
-------- legal and trade agreements
-------- financial statements
-------- business and private correspondence, including e-mail
-------- marketing, advertising,and public relations materials

translations from and into any format
Whether you submit your materials by fax, mail, or e-mail, we can translate them into the format of your choice:
-------- business cards, brochures, or stationery - into DTP file formats
-------- graphic art and diagrams - with proper labeling and formatting in the target language
-------- Power Point presentations
-------- web sites - Preparing a web site for other countries involves much more than just translating content. It involves meaningful conversion of cultural references. We can either translate the contents of your current web site or build a new multi-lingual web site to enable you to extend your business to a worldwide audience that keeps growing every day.